🙌🏻😎 Hello & welcome 🙏🏻 I am Kriste





 Every Time 💁✌🏻 These two colors toget
a little about me

She remembered who she was and she changed the game.

I am Kristen Werner and I am a game changer for your brand.


As a creative connector, personal and business brand consultant, confidence coach, event planner and all round lover of chocolate and a good dance floor, I am ready to help you build confidence in your self and your story. 


Your brand is your strongest asset, knowing and communicating your brand story is hard if you don’t understand it. 


Tell me; how do you build a kickass house, strong, unique and one of a kind on a rocky foundation?


The truth?


You don’t. That house will crumble. 


Think of your brand as that foundation. 


Understanding how to lay strong, solid foundations is key to building a brand that communicates effectively, is unique and confidently tells your story. All these qualities build brand love and brand love builds trust. 


Trust builds business. 


Here’s the thing. I think big. I think differently. I look for solutions not problems and I am unapologetically passionate about my work. 


I am an entrepreneur with fierce goals, those goals are quite simple, to help you own your brand . I have a no BS approach to getting it done. Why? Because I care and I want you to be fearless in your approach to owning your story. 


Confidence comes from knowing and owning your foundation. Your story and your message will change someone's life. 


Drop me an email below and let me help you to understand your foundations so you can start confidently sharing your message now.