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I am here to work with you, your business or your style. The aim is to visually communicate and build your brand. 

I am a little bit of everything, but it all come down to my love of being creative, my eye for detail and my confidence in knowing, understanding and telling your story.


I am a visual brand consultant, Brand Manager, Event Manager, wardrobe warrior/stylist, a personal trainer, passionate public speaker & lover of fitness to boost the soul. One of my favourite things is to mentor and educate people about the power of their brand.

You could say I like everything about the left side of my brain; creativity, big ideas, driven and wont take no for an answer. 

Some days I feel like I  have way too many ideas, I think big, I always see an opportunity as a positive and I want to help you communicate your message visually, whether that be through the power of your personal brand and style or through your business brand. I have a strong corporate background and have built a solid foundation for visually communicating brand stories.


I have run my branding business KWBrandSolution for over 5 years now, focussing on branding, business and personal. I work as a freelance designer and brand consult to business large and small. 

I have always had a passion for personal branding, empowering people with owning the heck outta them selves. For me, my style has become my 'coat of armour,' it's my outward confidence and my brand message. Mentoring individuals on building their style and sharing stories can help to grow their confidence, build style decisions, learn more self love and engage better with others. 

Then there is my love of fitness. Ok so I am also a qualified personal trainer who views health and fitness as a way of building mental strength as well as physical. Being a PT was just a bucket list tick off (I think), but a tool I am so glad I have in my belt. 


Finally, as a Mum of two I have found the toughest, most rewarding role of my life. This role has changed me, grown my skills and I am so much stronger from the journey so far. 


So I am here to work with you, your business or your style to visually communicate and build your brand. 

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hello@kristenwerner.com.au  |  mob: 0411 245 944

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