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I have heard it so many time gorgeous. You're not alone in this club. From...'Where do I start? What do I need to know? There is so much information out there, i'm overwhelmed!' I've heard it all. Hell I have said it! That's why I have created these FREE resources so you can start to feel a little more in control and ready to plan!

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Welcome to the email club, gorgeous lady!xx

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5 Steps to Kickstart your Planning!

Is your head spinning with both total excitement and total overwhelm? Choosing your wedding style, creating a budget and then locking in a venue is kinda a big deal. So I created this 5 step plan to help couples break down where to start, how to make a budget and then find a venue. I don't want you guessing, I want you moving forward and locking in your venue with confidence! 

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12 Month Planning Checklist

Where the heck do you start?


And what the heck do you do next? Well grab my free check list and let me guide you through the next 12 months with ease!

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Done for you Email Templates 

Not getting the answers you're after?


Maybe you have no idea what to ask your venue and suppliers. Well get my free Email Templates now and get booking your wedding!

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Help I want a DIY Wedding Venue? 

Want a DIY Wedding Venue but have no idea what to ask and where to start?


This will help you ask the right questions when you're venue hunting and make sure you know what you need to do and what the venue will provide!

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Wedding Day Run Sheet 

No it's not time to start planning a new fitness regime it's time to plan how your day will unfold. What you need to do and when. There are no rules to how your wedding day should happen BUT having a plan to stick to is a great way for YOU to feel calm and in control.