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 💥⚡️And just like that it’s Friday. Bri


Choose to make a change in your world. For you!

I want to tell you what changed my routine and gave me some much needed space around my own thoughts, my business and myself. I know it will help you more than ever right now with everything going on. 


About 3 weeks ago, I was lost. I felt totally overwhelmed with how I was going to keep building my business with 2 little kids as a stay at home mum, there was ‘no time’ to get anything done especially anything with impact and then a few key things happened. 


I read a post from Revie Jane that hit me exactly where I needed it to and I joined a society of women at the Mums With Hustle, Social Method Society that have both helped improve my mindset and inspired me to jump on things I've procrastinated over for a while. 


The key to how this has helped is….I chose to make a difference in my life, to make time for me. 


The system is so simple, daunting for some (I get it) but so easy and so needed right now as you face the next however long working from home. 


Set the alarm for at least 2 hours before everyone in your house wakes up. For me, I've finally found my sweet spot. 




I have always loved mornings but was finding I could not get outta bed with any pizzaz. I was defeated before I work up, because I knew that the second the kids were up, all my energy went into them. So emails, blog posts, captions to grow my personal brand and event business was gone. 


But now at 5.15am, if I don’t head out to the gym, I sit here. In the dark, planning, creating, scheduling and getting all the must do’s off my list so when the kids get up I am not mentally cluttered with that stuff I am lighter and brighter for them. 


The first week was hard, I hit snooze a lot. I managed a short workout, I did a few modules of the social method society, I replies to emails, I did quotes, I paid bills, I actually looked inside my business at all the amazing content I have and thought why the F*** am I not using all my skills and promoting my coaching courses & fitness inspo? It was all due to time.


I was just going through the motions, not actually executing what I love to do. 


So when you take the High Vibes Challenge and start to make small changes to create time for you, in whatever capacity you need. 


You will see things change. 


Right now the world is a very different place and we’re facing so many unknowns.


I am here, to motivate you to feel better, focus more and boost positivity.


Follow along my fitness and personal brand building instagram page. Please do the workouts, share your ideas and help me to help you feel good about your everyday. 

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