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Ok so you’re engaged, and you’re next lever excited! So  you should be, it’s amazing!


You’ve got your Wedding Planning Book, it’s pristine, it’s perfect but as you turn each new page and go deeper, and deeper and closer and closer to the last page you start to feel heavy in the chest, your mind is racing and your heart ain't fluttering any more it’s thumping…




You close the book. Google ‘How to feel less stressed when planning a wedding and where do I even start?’


The questions just keep rolling in…

  • What budget do I need?

  • Can I have 134 people at a sit down wedding with round tables or do they need to be long?

  • Is a marquee the same as a pavilion?

  • Should I ask my sister or my best mate to be my bridesmaid? 

  • What is a run sheet, I ain't a runner?


Now take a breath...


Imagine you had someone who knows a thing or three about planning, styling and creating weddings who you could ask advice from, use their planning tools, work from the done for you templates and spreadsheets and join a community who will cheer you on when it feels like its too much!? 


Well, here she comes…


Walking down the aisle is the most spectacular, simple, easy to use, un complicated, exquisite, perfect, done for you package of tools, guides, tips and advice all ready for you to jump right in. 


The Secret Brides Club Plan to Wed membership is a bundle of useful actionable tools, which you can unlock month by month or as you're ready; 

Each step along the way will have;  

  • A video that outlines what is in this step, so you know what to do now 

  • Your key focus and to do list for the month

  • Any spreadsheets or planners that you may need that month

  • A Live Facebook Q&A’s in the private community

  • And what is coming up next in the next step so you don’t need to worry, just sit back and sip your latte!

  • Oh and you’ll be welcomed into a Facebook Community of other Bride Bosses getting it done, there you can chat about weddings, have LOL's and not feel like you can't ask weird questions...because we all have them leading up to our day! 


You're invited to become a Founding Member.

Here’s the thing, I would like to invite you RIGHT NOW, to become a founding member? Now WTF is that Kristen, I am not sure what you mean? 


Well lovely lady, a founding member is a cheerleader and go getter. She is someone just like you who LOVES the idea of this membership and quite frankly can't wait to get going.  


Bottom line is you'll be the first to walk through this with me and the other foundation members. You'll be there to support me in making this program freaking amazing for Brides to Be. It's going to be at the lowest investment it will ever be and although this is a proven method that I have used over and over to plan, coordinate, style and execute weddings (at our venue) I would love your input and guidance to make it extra amazing and not miss anything that you see as important and useful.


The cost of a wedding planner (on average) is anywhere from $1,800 to upwards of $5,000. 


I am offer this to Foundation Members for $19 a month (that's the cost of a cheeky weekly coffee ) or full payment of $228 for the 12 months. 


Once the foundation membership is closed that's it at that price. After this time I will officially open the doors for all and the monthly investment will increase so please grab your pom pom, jump around and yell SIGN ME UP...LET”S GET PLANNING!