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Sometimes life introduces you to people that you need, when you need them. Listen and learn from that introduction. It's often very important.

We have all had moments when life shows up and lays all the cards on the table it can be scary, sad, confronting and often a perfect time to reflect and gain perspective.

Recently a very special and wonderful women I knew (not overly well) but enough to know that she changed people. She had an open and honest heat, a kind soul and a smile that was outrageously infectious. That beautiful women passed away.

After a cancer fight like no other she lost her battle. Again I didn’t know her like some and I definitely didn't know her real struggle(s). However, in the moments I had the pleasure of knowing her she opened my eyes and helped me to unfold my curious passion for clothing, colour and creativity. She would have no idea she helped me to define what I want to share with people which is a passion project for explaining and helping others build their coat of armour.

As I reflected both before and during her funeral I knew that she played a part in the story, my story.

The first time I met her, I remember exactly what I was wearing and I remember exactly what she said...

Wow, those colours, that fur… it’s so amazing. You look so fun and happy in that outfit!

As we met week after week, her kind words for my outfits kept coming. Until she said to me; I have a tailored, linen suit at home. It still has the tags from 1980 (something). You would shine in it, you need to have it and wear it.

And with that, the next week she handed me a bag. One gorgeous, bright yellow linen suit. Never been worn but held power and confidence in the big bold shoulder pads. Being 3 months pregnant at the time, the high waisted skirt would have to wait. But the jacket, that was ready to flaunt with a tight little baby bump. And with that I wore it, thinking of her and giggling that someone gave me a suit cause it reminded them of me.

So I dressed for her funeral, I zipped up the high waisted yellow skirt up and had two clear thoughts. She is watching me squeeze into this and she’s smiling her ass off. She knew that it would make me feel like a confident, poised women.She knew that we shared a bond with being creatively expressive, we wear our emotions on the outside, we dress to how we need to feel and how we want others to feel when they are with us.

As I sat in the funeral I felt an immense sadness for the loss of such a beautiful women and reflected on what her kind gesture that day had done for me. Without knowing at the time she helped to unfold part of my creativity that I have always ignored or not truly understood as ‘creativity’. However, as her friends and family spoke of her it was clear, she really knew what she was doing and part of her legacy to everyone in that room was the ability to help them unfold their story.

So Tia, my story starts here. I am not the best writer but I know you’ll understand what I am trying to say.

Thank you for the nudge and the outfit xoxo


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