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Why is our favourite go to word can’t?

We’re built that way. We like to say can’t because then we technically, never fail. Right? Isn’t starting with can’t’ just setting yourself up to fail? Your mind is one powerful little sucker. It will talk you out of anything. Hence mind over matter being a very popular saying.

Now be very careful here, you need to listen to your head and your gut feeling as well. So when the moment isn't right you’ll know it, listen to that voice and walk away. However, I am talking about the moment that can’t slips in because you’re too afraid to try incase you fail, mess up, look silly, whatever your reason.

Can’t is a big and powerful word and you should use it very carefully.I can’t run up that hill.I can’t do that maths questions.I can’t make that deadline.I can’t get that job.I can’t wear that, what would people think?I can’t help you, I am busy.I can’t do 10 burpees

I think you get the idea. Do you see a trend? Do you feel something when you read that allowed? Can’t is the word that stops you from being a better person. Can’t, is the word that is honestly holding you back. If you take out that nasty apostrophe and letter ‘t from that ‘big’ word you get the most unbelievable, magical and gosh darn powerful word we can say!


OMG, now re-read all of these.

I can run up that hill.I can do that maths questions.I can make that deadline.I can get that job.I can wear that, I feel great in it!I can help you, just let me finish something.I can do 10 burpees.

Stop and think how you feel after saying I CAN? Excitement, power, a serge of positive energy? Well you should. Who knew a three letter word could have so much power, all from letting go of that sneaky ‘apostrophe t.’ Without the 't you CAN run that hill, make that deadline, win that job, and take the steps to doing those 10 burpees (I know) you don't like so much.

So now you may say….hang on, I didn’t get that job. I said can, that means I should get it! Right? No, hold the phone right there. You said Can. You owned that word. That moment. So own why you might not have got the job, or finished the hill and say it again. I can do it! And you will strive harder to achieve it!

It’s that simple! Can is a sensational and extremely powerful and positive word. Do yourself a favour and use it more often!

Kristen Werner


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