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Your energy introduces you before you even speak, your clothes are a powerful tool for your brand.

There is nothing superficial about fashion. Clothes aren’t just beautiful, or frivolous. They’re Powerful. - Lauren Di Bartolo, from The Australian Style Institute

CLOTHES. ARE. POWERFUL. To some people this will sounds ridiculous. Right? Well not if you stop for a moment and think how truly powerful you feel when you’re in tracksuit pants, an old t-shirt, hair just whipped up to get out of your face, with the kids hanging off you… hmmmmm… certainly not my most powerful or liberating feeling.

Now think about the last time you wore an outfit that made you feel amazing. For me; it was a high waisted pair of tailored navy blue wide leg pant, light blue chiffon shirt, electric blue blazer and matching shoes. What I do remember was the feeling of putting my jacket on and thinking, ‘today you’ve got this.’ So when a colleague said, ‘watch out, what are you going to take over today.’ I knew that my outfit had power and I was wearing it with confidence. My outfit told my story before I said anything, it was simple today I was going to step up and that was exactly what my colleague saw.

Have a think about an outfit that may have made you feel this way? What were you wearing? Did it make that inner voice say, yeah girl this feels good, you’re owning this style. Did you have a feeling of confidence that you owned in that moment? This outfit you’re picturing, will be different for everyone.

Your style is the opening line to your story. Your introduction to a room. So how do we throw a little creative self into our style to own that room and feel powerful in our pursuit to creating a personal brand that builds your confidence and turns your style up a notch?We have some fun, that’s how.

When I read this quote from Lauren Di Bartolo, it hit me right where I needed it. For years I had always had a guilty pleasure of standing in my wardrobe and using it as a playground for my creativity and imagination. Someone once told me that as adults we often get drown back to things that we loved as children and you guessed it, I loved playing dress ups. I have never actually stopped.

So here’s the kicker... why did I hide my love for trying new styles and new options in my wardrobe from everyone? Why hide my love for dressing up and feeling great. Simple, it felt superficial.

As an adult I felt like I needed to pretend I just wake up and got dressed, no big deal, this outfit was effortless… when really, this outfit was a well thought out, mood-shifting, message to the world.

That message is always specific to my mood. Specific to where I am going and what I am doing. There is a very big difference in the outfit choice for a high end business networking meeting to a girls luncheon for example.

In a 2017 Cora Data survey the uncovered a very common theme with women, 94% of women said; their self-confidence increased when they believed that they looked good.These same women also said; When they believed they didn’t look good it affected their verbal and physiological behaviour with 74% saying they did not walk with confidence and that they a felt better wardrobe choices could lead to greater professional success.

What does not shock me about this is the fact that as a women when I feel good in what I wear I feel confident in how I hold myself, the eye contact I make and my ability to own any situation. What does astound me is the amount of women who don’t either know the power style has over confidence or won’t try something new to express their personality through their style. Because it either feels superficial to them or they don’t know where to start. So if you want to see how you can express your personality through your style, then click here to start with my 5 easy ideas to owning your style and trying something new.

If you’re still stuck then let me know. I offer a Wardrobe Warrior session where we take two hours to get to know you. We walk through your wardrobe and take time to find the top three go to outfits for you. If you’re out of options I also offer a shopping trip, full of honest feedback and maybe some daring options you may not have thought of! Be you because you’re unique in every way. Embrace and own that! Kristen Werner


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