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'My confidence comes from my weakness.'

We all have our quirks, our little something that makes us different and thank goodness we do. We also have our weaknesses that often make us feel vulnerable or self conscious. I however, have the coolest thing called dyslexia.

And look if we are going to go on this journey together you need to know one thing. I write from the heart, my creative mind runs faster than my fingers could ever type. I miss spell, overwrite,overthink, take tangents, do not use commas and apostrophes in all the right places and you know what…I spell their, there and they’re however I feel some days cause I get confused.

But dyslexia is a superpower and a cool one at that.


Because it’s given me a mindset that is magical, creative and a stubbornness that drives me to prove to myself and the world I can get it done.

I wanted to start our blog journey here. At the truth. At the real me. I would love you to roll with me. If I am going to share my wisdom in writing, then the writing is not always going to be perfect. And although I will read, re-read and scrutinized myself till I often wont post, I have put my hand up in 2020 to say F*ck IT. I will write a blog post each week to share with you around the passion and pizzaz I have for my life and my work.

Side note and an important one to share; when I work with clients I always have my work read by a copy writer so I can trust that I haven't over looked a mistake. When it is their brand and business it's both our reputations at stake so having a plan to ensure the outcome is correct is extremely important to me. It's the way I have learned to cope as I build my business and it is one I am proud of. If something is not your strength thats ok, find someone to help you!

I will always stand up for dyslexia people because we are cool. We work is a way that can never be replicated because I truly believe that we have an amazing way to process and problem solve. We all know the likes of Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver and Einstein were and are dyslexic.

'The reason why I think people who are dyslexic seem to do well in life, having struggled at school, is that we tend to simplify things' Richard Branson

And I believe that we have had to find several different ways to get to the same conclusion as others. There is always another way to solve a problem. I know that is a superpower my dyslexia has blessed me with.

Out in the real world, my dyslexia became my massive advantage: it helped me to think creatively and laterally, and see solutions where others saw problems." Richard Branson

So as we get to know more about each other we are going to dive deep into this topic and together let's shine a big light on your ‘weakness,’ and prove to yourself that it’s actually your greatest asset.

My confidence comes from my weakness. That girl who always doubted herself, who hated writing and would cry for hours when the work she gave the teacher came back with red pen everywhere, after she honestly tried her guts out.

That girls soon learned that that weakness, made her one hell of a public speaker, motivator and creative influence. So it’s time we cheer on the weakness and wear it as our new confidence, our damn crown.

Ok, back to my point. Im gonna write you some blogs, they will be full of my personality and potentially mistakes but I’m gonna do it. And if you jump on IGTV then you’ll get my vlogs, I have more fun sharing then because they don’t challenge me as much. But this is a challenge I wanna accept.

So thanks for joining me and here we go!


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