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If your outfit doesn't make you feel awesome, then don't wear it. It won't make you shine if it doesn't make you feel fabulous.

When someone gifts you a suit from the 80s because they thought it was more you then wear that suit with so much love!

94% of women said; their self-confidence increased when they believed that they looked good. 
74% of women sayid they did not walk with confidence and that they a felt better wardrobe choices could lead to greater professional success. - 2017 Cora Data.

So let’s start with these 5 easy ideas to owning your style and trying something new.


Know that your confidence doesn't all come from your clothes, it has to start with knowing and owning your story. So just like any good business brand needs to know it’s story to create cut through and engage with its customers so do you. Your story is your foundation, your style choice is the introduction to your story. So take some time to hang out in your wardrobe and look around, think about an outfit that made you feel confident, put it on and ask yourself why does this make me feel so good?


Be honest with yourself. If it doesn't make you feel good you won't wear it with confidence and you won’t own your moment. You know when you feel good, no one can feel that. People can compliment and advise you on style which of course can make you feel good but only you know if it makes you feel inwardly in control and good about yourself.


Colour plays a huge role in your mood and confidence; Think about a meeting that you need to feel calm but powerful in your mindset; you could turn to adding some red maybe? But be award red can be very intense and authoritarian. So try a burnt orange which is a calmer version of red. Or go blue. Yep, Navy & royal blue have a lot of power but also a calming effect over you and other people which builds confidence and creates good energy.

Blue is powerful, but extremely calming.


Play with your wardrobe. Take some time to have fun; Try things you haven’t before. You don’t ever have to wear it out the house but you might just stumble across something that makes you stop and think, yeah girl, this looks good...I feel good.


Create a visual style guide for yourself. Think of this as a vision board, a go to style catalogue. We’re all busy, so by taking the time to play dress ups in your own wardrobe will enable you to get a feel for what works on you and what doesn't, and it it works, take a selfie and remember that feeling for next time!

Then when you go out or head off to a kick ass meeting you know what you need to feel in that moment and you can put the perfect outfit on and own that moment. Take time the night before a meeting with your boss, a networking event, whatever it is and plan your outfit. Know your message and story and know that when you get dressed it’s for a purpose. And if this all seems either way too superficial or you have no idea where to start, I offer a Wardrobe Warrior session where we take two hours to get to know you. We walk through your wardrobe and take time to find the top three go to outfits for you. If you’re out of options I also offer a shopping trip, full of honest feedback and possibly daring options you may not have thought of!!!

Play with your wardrobe. Have fun, find your style.

On the days I feel underwhelmed, lack my spark and have nothing to wear I always take time to stop in my wardrobe and think about how I am feeling and how I want to feel. Do I need colour to peep me up? Do I have a message to the world? Do I need to feel in control of this day and moment? All of these question are ones I answer through mood dressing with colour, shape, outfit choice and a positive mindset.

Be you because is my passion; I want to help empower women with the skill for styling you. Dressing for you to help build your confidence and embrace yourself. So let’s try something new and be you because you’re so worth it!


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