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Life is throwing us a sh*t load of lemons right now, are you ready to make something awesome out of them?

I am.

Right now I am making time for you! I want this to be a time you work on you, so when we get through this, your lemonade stand is next level!!!!

But first I need to tell you why #redundancy was my blessing?


It was the kick in the butt I had always secretly hoped for

In desperation and a need to always be working, about 5 years ago I launched into my #business KW.BrandSolution as a designer and a way to keep busy and afloat after redundancy.

Oh and because I thought who the hell would hire me?

Yes, I’ve thought that. And I've said that hundreds of times, #imposter syndrome feels so real when you're down on yourself.

Even after making a concrete place for myself in a very successful #corporate #career spanning over 10 years. However, when you’re made redundant, logic goes out the window and the kick in the gut really hurts then your confidence takes a hike!

Anyway, I had two choices. To sit and let my confidence be permanently scared or jump. I chose to jump. Knowing whole heartedly that I was an #entrepreneur with a very clear #passion, to help people feel #confident about themselves. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen but I knew it would.

I’ve always had a fierce #entrepreneurial streak and I didn't feel right going back to work for corporate, so after a few twists and turns I directed my business KW.BrandSolution into being your Personal and Business Brand consultant, coach and mentor.

So here it is; here is why I started my business; I want to empower women with the tools to own their worth, love themselves and be fearless in the eyes of anyone who tries to tell them they can’t do something, but even better to hopefully never allow themselves to say they can’t do something.

Actually I can.

I have fierce determination and a very passionate streak which crosses creativity, branding, fitness to boost positive mental health and a love for knowing that your style and presentation is not at all superficial but totally necessary to making you feel confident in yourself.

My business; KW.BrandSolution, whilst having my kids has been me turning up for a few years to get to know you on my instagram

It’s been me working behind the scenes to make things happen. It’s been me building a wedding venue at our property (random, but not really, we’ll get to that later) and it’s been me not really registering my impact just enjoying being your positive place to go.

UNTIL NOW. Over the last few days with CONVID-19 causing such chaos and everyone having to find a different normal, you have overwhelmed me with high vibes and loads of love.

'The coaching session with Kristen made me feel really inspired. I felt her honest passion for wanting to know how she could help boost my confidence. She helped me understand how I can share my story to connect with my audience.'

I have apparently solved your crappy day, inspired you to workout, helped you workout, made you laugh and made you ask, when and how can we work together?

Well, just wow firstly. And thank you.

Maybe now really is my time. Maybe now is really your time. Like you, now is the time to move and shift to share your awesomeness with the people who need it.

So as of this week I am going to be introducing you to my updated and fiercely confident personal brand boosting sessions. I have a few really exciting offers for you and if you sign up before Friday knock off drinks you’ll get a discount on your first investment.

I only have limited spots to offer. So If you’re wondering how you can build your brand confidence and share your story clearly then now is the time to register your interest.

I can’t wait to help you get clear on your idea and pivot for your audience right now.

Look forward to hearing from you



Contact Me  |  mob: 0411 245 944

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