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One day it will click and it looks like today is the day.

I have to be emotionally passionate about it to really give you my words and it looks like this one has hit that nerve! Video feels so much easier for me but like I said, 2020 is about challenging the parts of my brand that I struggle with and that part is fingers to keyboard (ah yeah that's the 2020’s way of saying pen to paper).

I have taught so many clients, brands and individuals that when you create a brand, know who your target market is, create a customer persona and speak to them, speak to that persona. Make them real and know everything about them, then you can engage with them consistently and clearly.

'Yeah ok Kristen, sensational advice.' But then Kristen gets home and she starts to post her own content, she types and all of a sudden she turns into someone she thinks she needs to be behind the ‘words’. Which if you read my last post about the coolness of dyslexia, is a demon from her (my) past.

When I speak on camera I am 100% authentically me, which is why I often don’t care about the lighting or make up it’s just me in that moment of time, passionate and inspirational. I don’t film several times, if I don’t capture it first time it’s usually not that important and I move on. BUT when I write the ‘ you’re not good enough, you’ll write it wrong, you can’t get the story clear’ demon taps me on the shoulder and just lets me know, you need to be something & someone else right now for this to cut through.

So I read someone else's words and think maybe I should be like that, I’ll write like that...And although you may never realise it or see that in my captions I can feel it and it eats at me because I have trained myself to over think and over correct when I write. It’s a safety blanket that many dyslexics carry with them.

So for the first time in forever I scrapped the idea of creating a customer persona and I took to writing a list of all my mates, colleagues, loved ones, business associates, mum friends, trusted and loved people in my life that I have given advice to and received advice from and I write to them...Like actually type their name [delete before posting] but I write to them.

This has completely transformed the way I craft my content now, it has enhanced a genuine passion for what I do and it has made it clear who I want to help with business.

For me creating a customer persona, even a really good one with a name, location, back story and a vision for herself still bought out a robot in me when it came to creating captions & content. I have a great imagination but yet she (customer persona) never felt real so how could I really engage and connect with her?

So now I write to my mates; my trusted, loved mates that might not need or want to 'work' with me but I now know the content I am creating feels like a message I would send them and I know it’s authentic and that is all that matters to me.

So here is your challenge, if your customer persona’s just don’t feel authentic enough then try this;

  • Write 5 trusted and loved mates down.

  • Make sure they are from different areas of your life. Make sure they give you different opinions and you connect with them in unique ways.

  • Speak to them. Let them be part of the foundation to your brand and business.


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