Wait I am a bride...I don't need a Mums Group! Do I?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Ok lovely lady, have I got your attention now? And no you don't need a Mums group but wouldn't the equivalent for you, as a bride be the bomb? Ahhhh hell yeah!

So have you ever heard of a Mum's group?

You know that place where Mums, go to talk sh*t (legit talk about poo) and have you ever wondered how the heck they talk about that all day? Seriously there is more to life right?

Well gorgeous yes there is more, so much more but it’s a season of your life as a woman. And let me tell you, as a Mum I needed other women in my season at that time.

So... just like a Mums group, right now is the season in your life. Your time to find your tribe. Other brides in the 'season' of taking a leap on love and becoming and Mrs Someone!

I have to tell you, having a club room full of women cheering you on, giving a shit about the stuff other mates might not (right now)...that’s what the Secret Brides Club is all about.

Can I be honest with you?

It’s bugged me for ages that I was creating a space to talk wedding planning, giving you (just) tips and tricks and a focus on what it all looks like….when I actually wanna talk about how incredible it is to plan a wedding.

It’s a f**ken big job and it changed my life.

As an entrepreneur, a born go-getter and a creative soul my job at the time I got married was good, steady, solid…

But I was googling the job of the wedding planner at the venue we chose.

I wanted her job.

Truth? She wasn’t the best in the lead up (on the day she was amazing) but maybe I stole the lead up planning and you know what, it showed me something.

It showed me how capable, adaptable, confident and clear I was about something I had never actually done before! A feeling my 9-5 job never really gave me.

The Secret Brides Club is here to celebrate planning, to help you OWN this crazy space. It’s so much more than just the f**king ‘fluff.’ It’s about you becoming a Mrs Someone. And leaning into the clarity of who she is becoming.

As a personal brand coach I live for helping women like you own their space. But there was a time I was you, sitting writing my new surname (to be) over and over again and thinking that will never be me! Never fit me.


I am Kristen Werner. It is a name I sit so comfortably in.

I love Kristen Roberts, man she had some fun but now I know who I am (although somedays I feel lost, I know the foundations are strong) and I hope that with the support and love in this club you’ll find your comfortable space.

Wedding planning is basically turning up to a new job you never applied for and on your first day you have to deliver the goods without having f**king idea what to do or who to ask …

So gorgeous lady, 2021 is my year to focus, I am creating a digital course The Bride Boss Blueprint and it will be easy, fun, quick tips and lessons I’ve learned from my own wedding and now from running weddings on our vineyard as well as adding my love and passion for personal branding!

Now, because I don’t want to bombard you with the BS I want to give you the tools to go and own this ‘new job’ (cause it’s basically a side hustle for a year), so with my course you will be able to run the whole damn show or find the right people to do so; this course will set you up to succeed.

Along with the course is a club room (facebook group) full of cheerleaders who wanna talk about weddings, waxing, flowers, budgets, what’s changing in their life, the troubles and the joys and just like a Mums group when you’re with your people nothing seems to be off limits.

So I am Kristen Werner, here to help you sit comfortably and confidently in your role as wedding planning and Mrs Someone (to be) . This club is a blueprint, a guide & a space to build your dream wedding and own you.

You don’t even have to leave us after you're married; like Mums group, our kids grow but the support as mothers and women in life stays on. It’s where the real growth happens 💕

So gorgeous lady I would love to support you and help you become the women you want with the tools to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Please sign up to my Email Club and let the fun begin. Also, don’t be shy, head to the Facebook group and introduce yourself.




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