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I have been navigating ‘crises’ since I was like 5. Every wall I have hit, every bad test result, every unkind word I have muttered to myself when I failed it has helped me navigate this crisis in a really creative and positive way.

When I heard this quote today 'we are or most creative in a crisis,' I have never felt so #connected, safe or excited by words.

It made me feel ‘normal’ and answered so much about who I am and why I strive to find #solutions to #problems. I am exhausted from thinking all the time, from trying to find #creative ways to make good of this shitty situation. To find ways I can help my #community, my family and friends get through this with a smile. I know I have the ability to create #change but the exhaustion is around; where, how and with what.

Up until right now. I wanted to turn my brain off.

That's it.

I’m done.


We’re exhausted over here.

But then, in the middle of this #corona #pandemic I realised it seems like everyone is turning to creative #entrepreneurs, problem solvers and go getters who hold the magic of switching the game, moving the needle and #pivoting (I totally added those for everyone who’s heard them 10x today on Zoom chats…#sorrynotsorry)

These creative people (me even maybe) we change the way you work.

We jumped into creating online courses that didn't exist two weeks ago. We took a week to create online events, huge names have stepped up to be a part of summits and podcasts to help those who right now need creativity in this crisis.

I have always felt like a square peg is a round hole. I think big and I don’t stop thinking.

How can I adapt to help others? What do people really need now? What can I offer to others to help them in their biz? What helps me and how can it help you? Then I don't stop until I have given it a go. Why not, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

#Positivity and #connection? That wouldn't be too bad right now.

So to all of you amazing entrepreneurs and change makers that are #exhausted right now not just due to iso life and the dramatic changes but to your minds which are ticking, thinking and creating EVERY DAMN SECOND to help others in this crisis. I wanna thank you.

I also wanna touch on the #chaos of creativity so it makes sense to more of you, especially if it’s not something that comes naturally.

Like I’ve told you guys before I am #dyslexic. It’s now my greatest #strength, my awesome super #power but apparently it is the creative driving force behind a mind that never stops.

A mind that is constantly trying to find a #solution and pave a path to get through the mess. I have been navigating ‘crises’ since I was like 5. Every wall I have hit, every bad test result, every unkind word I have muttered to myself when I have failed has helped me navigate this crisis in a really creative and positive way. So instead of falling to its blow, I’ve hit crisis mode and turned to my creativity.

So to all the creative minds out there, now is your time.

Be thankful your mind never stops and your willingness to pivot at a time like this is exactly what we all need.

Here are my 3 suggestions on how to calm your creativity to create real impact:


Carve time in your day that is just for you. If you’re a Mum it’s even more important. My advice is get up early, make a coffee and WRITE IT DOWN. Get the ideas out there and let them sit.


Then jump and jump with enthusiasm. Ok so this one is tough, I jump quick and I just have a go. This can be fraught with danger, but here is how you can overcome the danger by asking yourself a few quick questions:

> Will this idea only help someone if I try it?

> Is it free (for me) to try and see how it goes?

> Does it light a fire in my belly?

If you answered yes to these, then chances are it’s worth trying. WHY NOT?


Workout. Move your body and let there be space for the good vibes to flow in and the sensational ideas to burst out.

If you need to find time for you then right now I have a high vibes challenge that you can download on my website (follow this link) it’s simple and easy. It’s just a few ideas around how you can carve that time in your day to let these things unfold.

Maybe you have a big idea and want to talk about it tough, let me know. You can sign up for my Change your Game 60min session where we discuss, define and kick confidence in the face of your idea.

I want to help you create change. I know how important it is to you.




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