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I am Kristen Werner your happy, cheeky and ready to roll Wedding Coach.

I am too excited that you have come across my new little secret. 

It's something very exciting for Brides planning and launching into the
world of weddings. 


So if you've just said 'I do' or maybe you're a few months in to this crazy wedding world, that's ok, this space is certainly for you.  

I will be opening the doors to the Secret Brides Club membership soon, but I want you to find out more & enjoy planning with  some free tools first. So please leave me your email address below and I will send you some free planners and tips to get you started and moving at planning your wedding. 


When the doors open I would love you to be the first to arrive, as a foundation member.


I will only have my foundation membership open for a limited time. So you will have some time to check out the planners, read the ideas and advice and help me add value in places I might not have thought. I want you to get to know this space & the group on Facebook so you can support and show other Brides around when I open the club up.
I really hope this is going to be your favourite club to hang out in.


I am also going to ask you to help me shape this amazing space.

As a foundation member I would love your feedback, input and guidance, so this space can help Brides everywhere who are looking to kick the stress and enjoy the ride. 

If you're as giddy with excitement like me, yay and thank you.
But please pop your details below and I will send you some more information and a little wedding kick starter. 

Love, your Happy Wedding Coach



When the club opens for foundation members you will be locked it in at this price! Please send me an email to register your interest now.

Foundation Membership is $19.99 per month ($239 for the year)


When the club officially opens 

Membership will be $39.99 per month ($479 for the year)

If you pay the full membership you will receive one month free -

Yearly membership fee$439


Ok, so what can you expect. 

This club is new to me and you. 


Creating a memberships is new to me, but delivering content, coordinating weddings and creating a space I truly believe in that supports brides though a time in your life that can be exciting, stressful, chaotic and emotional is not new to me. I have been hosting and coordinating weddings on our property Werner Vineyards for several year now. 


The Secret Brides Club is going to be a team of kickass brides getting it done and I am the coach cheering you on the whole way.  


I have created for you content that will help guide you and;

  • Explain what you should do next

  • Check lists so you don't get lost along the way

  • To-do calendars

  • Budget plans

  • Mood and vision boards to add your spark

  • And there will be more I know, this is just the start. 

Within the membership page I want to bring you; 

  • Video tutorials on, what to do, when to do, what questions to ask ect

  • In the Members only Facebook lounge (page) I want to provide live Q&A's

  • Interviews with stylist, celebrants, makeup artist, nutritionalists, workouts, mindset work and more. 

  • Introduce suppliers and share positive stories

  • Basically I want to provide a club where you can plan, relax, meet other amazing brides and be 100% supported as you ask question, share, enjoy, cry, laugh and drink to a the most amazing day of your life. 

So if this sounds like you, or you want to gift it to your bride or your best mate then please sign up.


I can't wait to help you get married stress free and feeling phenomenal. 

You Wedding Coach and silent bridesmaid 

Kristen Werner 


Contact Me

hello@kristenwerner.com.au  |  mob: 0411 245 944

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