Personal BranD



Your personal brand is your most unique and powerful asset.

I am a 'brand' (so are you). My clothing is my creative expression to the word, my coat of armour, it builds my internal confidence and tells the world a little bit about me.

I am forever uncovering what makes your brand unique and I love it.

I am doing this my way and that is my unique. I trust my life lessons and I have a passion for empowering women
to own their sh*t!

I have over 15 years experience in business and personal branding. I know how to build strength in owning your story and confidently sharing it. I work with women to over come their mind blocks, vulnerabilities, sometimes even insecurities to really embrace and own their unique. 

Think of me as your personal trainer for your personal brand. 

'Understanding the ‘power’ of owning who you are and what you stand for is the most powerful tool you can unlock.
It is the strength that allows you to be ok with who you are, brush off the things that get you down and make clear decisions. You are the only one that can.'

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Changed your game:

She remembered who she was and she changed her game.

There was never a better time to jump the f*ck up and create change. Change for you, change for your clients and change for the greater good. 


Let’s start changing your game in my 60-minute coaching session.

In this 60-minute session we’ll jump two feet into understanding your foundation.


Tell me... 


How can you build, live and enjoy parties in a house with a rocky foundation? You can’t, that sh*t’s just gonna fall over. 

Your personal brand, especially within your business is just that; it’s the foundation, to a truly kickass house. 

Having clarity around your unique brand gives you confidence to share your story, grow your online presence, show up for your business and boost trust with clients. 

In our session, you can choose your area of focus, including

  • It's time to Pivot, get clear on your idea.

  • Turning my weakness into my greatest strength

  • How to share my story to build my business and connect with customers

  • Owning my style

  • Confidence to camera

  • Networking like a Boss Lady

  • What is my ‘I am,’ statement

  • What is my ‘unique’

  • Fitness for a kickass mindset


Ok, so what’s included:

  • A 60 minutes Zoom video call

  • Initial questionnaire email (sent before our call) so I can really understand what we need to work on in order to maximise our time.

  • Over 15 years experience in business and personal branding. 

  • My unapologetic passion and enthusiasm for helping women own their story and build their confidence one day at a time. 

  • My no BS approach to helping you dig deeper into what is really holding you back and how it can be your magic weapon.

The investment:
Your investment for this session is $180 

 Throw back a moment when a ju

I am Ready.

You can't market a brand you don't understand.

Five part kickass, coaching sessions. 


It won't end at five sessions, who am I kidding? I am here to bounce ideas off and boost your confidence whenever I can. 


Think of me as your Personal Trainer for your Personal Brand.


Over the next five weeks, we are going to change your game, you will leave each session clearer on your brand, but with homework. 


This 5 weeks course is about you. I am here to make the pathway clearer but you’re here because your personal brand needs a boost. 

What is included:

  • A weekly 45 - 60 min zoom call

  • An initial free 30 min call to really understand where we need to focus our time in building your brand

  • Unlimited support via whatsapp

  • Access to all my tips and tricks and my full attention to your ultimate outcome.


As your coach this is what to expect from me:

I have a no BS approach to helping women own their brand. I want you to feel confident, kickass and unstoppable. 


I have worked for over 10 years in the corporate sector. I worked in a male dominated industry and I learned alot about who I was, who they thought I ‘should’ be and how the f*ck I had to turn up as me, to be respected. 


For the last 5 years I have worked in personal branding, specialising in the importance of understanding the power within your personal brand to boost your business brand.


I have a very deep and raw passion for women understanding the power of their story. Our stories are life lessons, the more confidence we have in sharing them, the more understanding we have and the more power we share with others. 


Your unique story is key to your brand. Your confidence rests on owning that story. 

Personal Brand investment:

As I said, I am your Personal Trainer for your personal Brand so that is how I base your investment and how I help to build your brand. With enthusiasm and passion.


Total investment for building brand confidence, knowing and owning your story so you become comfortable and confident in sharing it is $575.

For more clarity around social media and brand personality online let me know and we can talk about what and how we can achieve that!


Workshops / MC

Build your brand.

Your brand is your strongest asset.

Are you looking for extra energy to boost your next event, inspire with passion and a dash of brand education, (mainly because I can't help my self!)


Maybe your looking for a workshop all about the power of branding and someone your audience can engage with and learn from?

Well, I am here and I love sharing all things branding, from business to personal. When women get together and make sh*t happen, that is what I am all about. I love helping women unlock their personal brand and be confident in their story. My passion is to hear, understand and help you build your unique story. 


So if you're looking for a point of difference, trying to find your unique then please let me know.



> I am Ready

> Building your Brand

> Business Branding - Consistency is Key

> Creating your Coat of Armour

> Get Brand Strategic

Presentations and workshops are about engaging with an audience, making the room come to life. I would be interested to hear how I could help your next event kick into gear!

 Every Time 💁✌🏻 These two colors toget

CREATE your coat of armour.

There is nothing superficial about fashion. Clothes aren’t just beautiful, or frivolous. 
They’re Powerful. 

I am here as your very own wardrobe warrior and honest styler.


I want you to fall back in love with your wardrobe and be confident in your own personal style and brand but lets do it in the comfort of your home. I will help you to find your style and build upon your coat of armour, starting with what you already own.

Together we’ll walk through your existing wardrobe, i’ll help you have fun piecing your outfits together. My aim is to keep the things you love and then look for the missing pieces as we unfold your style. During this process we will be doing an audit of your wardrobe; keeping what you love, selling or giving away what you don’t and advising what you could add to your armour.

By the time our two hours is up, together we will have nailed your top 3 ‘go to’ outfits, your brands style guide, so you always have something to wear, or pair with different things.

I’ll leave you with ideas of how you can keep growing your style and confidence as you build your coat of armour; we’ll discuss shapes that compliment your figure, colours that make you pop, fabrics, accessories and more.

Trust me, we’re going to have some fun!

Investment: $270 2hr session
(travel time may be charged at $30 extra depending on location)